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Better Sex Online Workshops BY REQUEST | INT/NATIONAL

NB, Matt is not currently offering classes. Please see the Home page for 1-1 online sex coaching.


Sex Coaching Classes:

London - Manchester - Brighton - Hove &


Here Is An Example Of Classes

You will need a venue and a group to book Matt's workshops.


Support with your sex and relationship life:


  • Sex and intimacy Coaching classes:

    • Sex and relationships

    • Deeper intimacy and connection (with yourself and others)

    • Relaxation and mind management

    • Masturbation techniques

    • Lasting longer

    • Developing your sexual tastes

    • Improving sexual and general confidence

    • In: London, Brighton, Hove, Internationally by request*


  • Classes, workshops and events differ for each group. Matt prefers groups to be mixed - male, female, trans, intersex, professionals, general public etc. but of course this will depend on your group.

  • Below is an example of class format:


This better sex class  involves instruction on relaxation exercises, fun involvement (and no, you don’t have to take your clothes off), group interaction and sharing.

Being in our bodies is important to enjoy good sex, safer sex and safer intimacy. It can, at times, bring stuff up for you. This is a part of the process and this is why it is helpful to have such a course facilitated by a trained therapist. At first we will look at boundaries, what you do and do not need. Then we will move onto what Matt calls ‘body exploration’ which will involve meditation techniques, ‘mindfulness’, simple ‘body awareness’ practices and group discussion.


Matt is an empath and as such is deeply intuitive. This makes the course more fun - he can 'tune in' to you very quickly. It also enables you to experience your body and sexual energy very differently. This is what it is all about. Please enquire about this way of working


The course is open to everybody including all sexual preferences and genders including those who identify as trans, genderqueer or gender neutral. Matt is very interested in as many different people from both the general public, sexwork profession, therapeutic professions and academic researchers to attend this course.

Those requiring CPD or personal development certificates will be provided with one at the end of the day.

*Matt will facilitate you to focus on your body, breathing and sexual energy. He will then assist you to make the connection between this, a healthy sexual appetite and how this plays a part in both your personal and professional life. It's all connected.

Some personal disclosure is a part of this course, both on Matt's part and attendees. This will be treated in confidence and we will look at boundaries to begin with.

The course is led by you, so speak up and tell Matt what you want to learn. Practitioners will receive a certificate of CPD. Certificates of attendance can also be awarded if required.

Have a group? Organization? Know a venue? Please call Matt to provisionally book a bespoke class with him.

Sex Classes for Adults London

Whilst Matt is Not Currently Offering Scheduled Classes:

If you have a group and a venue OR a group already interested in an online class - please email Matt to discuss.

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