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Men's Therapy | Online | Matt Valentine-Chase


Matt Valentine-Chase

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Men are feeling increasingly invisible. Their needs are often not being met and many feel that their actions are being misunderstood, and labelled 'misogyny'. It is almost becoming accepted for men to be judged, even abused, for behaving in what some may call a 'traditional' masculine way.


Do you know the term for treating men in this way? It's Misandry.

It's really important for you to feel comfortable in your own skin, however you feel is masculine is okay. So long as you treat others as you wish to be treated, hurting no-one and respecting all - why can't you be you?


Many men feel that they need to put on some show, some mask so that others won't judge them. This can lead to mental health problems and confusion.

You may be experiencing:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Melancholy

  • Anxiety

  • Sex problems

  • Addictions - to substances or sex/porn

  • Career stuckness

  • Struggling to find a job

  • Lack of money

  • Feelings of lostness and confusion

  • Feeling demasculated

  • Relationship problems

  • Wanting a relationship but facing blocks

or anything you want to talk to a trained professional about.

Matt is ready to listen. All appointments online and you can be who you are - no judgement.

The rest of this site will give you more background into what Matt offers, he just wanted to reach out to you individually and say that - your gender and sense of masculinity matters. 

Therapy for Male Sex Workers

All men can feel challenged at times to fit in with what is 'expected' of them. How they behave, how they 'should behave' as men and what others want from them often taints this equation.


Add to this that you work in the business - you might be a male escort, rent boy, sexual masseur - and you can be affected more so than civvie men.

Matt is here to support all male escorts and understands that they may have found it difficult in the past to see a professional without being judged or stigmatised, because of the job they do.

You may want to talk about your job, or just get some shit off your chest. Whatever you want to talk about - Matt is here to listen.

You might want to look at the general Counselling for Sex Workers page for a background on Matt's approach. He just wanted to reach out to you here, on the Men's Therapy page, because he wants you to know - that there is a place, just for you.

You might be gay, straight, bi, 'gay for pay', male, trans male or fluid. Take a look around the site and see how Matt works.

'It's so crucial to seek non-judgemental therapist who can meet your unique needs. Recommended @IAmMattVC sex counsellor for those seeking therapy who are or have been sex workers'.

Alison Cook (sw org staff) on Twitter

'You, and the work you do, has changed me and my life completely'

Previous Client

'If you need any help or advice as a sex worker then I highly recommend Matt as a first point of call...'

Charlotte Rose, Sex and Relationship Expert

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