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Counselling and Therapy for Sex Workers

Matt Valentine-Chase Sex Coach

Matt Valentine-Chase

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'If you need any help or advice as a sex worker then I highly recommend Matt as a first point of call...'

Charlotte Rose, Sex and Relationship Expert

'Wow - I fully expected you to say there was no hope. Within such a short time you brought me right back around to the real me. Thank you!'

Previous Client (shared with permission)

'It's so crucial to seek non-judgemental therapist who can meet your unique needs. Recommended @IAmMattVC sex counsellor for those seeking therapy who are or have been sex workers'.

Alison Cook (sw org staff) on Twitter

Sex Worker? You are not alone. Integrative therapy...


One session is often enough to get you back - to you. Therapy and counselling for current or former sex workers in London, Manchester, Cheshire, and Nationally. As well as being trained in counselling and therapy, Matt understands the adult industry  – so you know that you won’t be judged and that Matt will do his best to see how things are for you right now – without letting the stigma you are probably used to get in the way.

Your counselling or coaching needs may be related to your job:


You might feel that people don't understand the business you work or have worked in. This experience can sometimes result in:


  • Feelings of isolation

  • Feeling judged or stigmatised

  • Loss of libido

  • Feelings of shame or guilt (caused by conditioning etc.)

  • A want or desire to leave the industry

  • Feelings of confusion whether to ‘stay or go’

  • A loss of career direction

  • Feelings of overwhelm

  • Family/Spouse issues around the work you do

  • and more


Often when sex workers seek therapy, therapists can assume that sex work is the cause of current problems. This is a relatively common occurrence and can cause distress and frustration - at not being seen or understood. Matt has extensive experience of working with sex workers and as such he knows that to most - it really is just a job. So you might want to speak to him about:

  • General anxiety and/or depression

  • Issues and concerns around relationships

  • Personal development needs

  • Business development (this is where coaching is helpful)

  • Using transferable skills from or to sex work

  • Stress, anger issues, grief and loss

  • Mid life (sometimes called an existential) crisis

  • Spiritual needs and anything you want to talk about


Everyone is welcome and Matt works with:


  • Adults over 18 (escorts, cammers, dancers, porn performers, doms, on-street etc.)

  • Groups

  • Organisations:

    • Brothels

    • Saunas

    • Health Clubs

    • Massage Parlours

    • All the above may want to employ Matt's services for their staff

  • Men

  • Women

  • Transgendered

  • Intersex

  • Gender Neutral

  • Non-binary

  • Gay

  • Straight

  • Bisexual

  • Questioning


Appointments can be by:


  • Telephone or Skype

  • Face-to-face or

  • Face-to-face in small groups

Matt does most sessions over the telephone, Skype counselling and healing or on-site in brothels and parlours in Manchester - London - Brighton - Cheshire - Leeds and at your request. He occasionally works from venues in Kings Cross London. It is highly unlikely that you will need sessions every week, due to the nature of how Matt works. Matt is an empath as well as being trained in therapy. This can be helpful if you need to process 'stuff' quickly (and safely). He is integrative in his approach, he will have a chat with you first to discuss this and carry out an assessment.

Please also see ‘Sex Coaching’ for sex and relationships as this may also apply to you in and out of work. NEW - Therapy 2 U - Matt will visit you at home or work (you'll need a quiet room for your therapy session). Please call to enquire.

Please call 07716 232 865 to make your appointment or book online. More info on the Fees page.

Brothel Visits



Matt worked for the Beyond the Gaze three year research project into the online sex industry. As part of the project Matt co-wrote Safety and Privacy for Online Sex Workers.


This download document is based upon the research - the largest UK study to date - and was written by researchers, project staff and former and current sex workers. You can download yours for free, by clicking on the image.

For more information on Beyond the Gaze, please visit: where you will find other resources including safety tips, research findings, publications, briefings and media.

Click the image  to download.


The Safety and Privacy for Online Sex Workers document is also hosted by National Ugly Mugs. You need to be a NUM member to access this and their other safety resources. Sign up (you need to be a sex worker and you will be verified prior to being able to access the membership area) here: NUM.

Screenshot_2020-09-07 safety and privacy

Matt is now listed on the North East Sex Work Forum


It is rare that fee-charging therapy services are invited to join organizations or listing sites that provide details of helping services for sex workers. Although this can be frustrating (as some sex workers much prefer to see a private therapist) It is completely understandable - because most of these are charities and as such cannot be seen to promote private businesses. Another problem with listing private therapists is that many therapists say they are sex work friendly, when perhaps they may not be. Matt was approached by the team at NESWF who asked him if we works online (partly because the Forum is North-East focused and partly because sex workers are increasingly seeking online support). He does, so is now proudly listed on the NESWF Support Services for Sex Workers. Matt was deeply moved by the time and effort they took to 'check him out'. Thank you so much to the team there, you are doing a GREAT job! xx

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Sex Worker Therapy


This service has been going for over nineteen years. Matt has a strong, passionate desire to support all sex workers to be themselves. Talk it out, be you - know that someone cares. Male? Matt's just added a page just for you:

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