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Sex Coaching | The London Sex Coach Online

Counselling for sex for disabled people
Coaching for sex problems Manchester

Telephone Appointments


07716 232 865

Sex Coaching London and Online | Intimacy Training  with Matt Valentine-Chase....


Non-touch coaching on sex, relationships and better intimacy can help improve your confidence in and out of the bedroom. Matt has a great deal of experience that he shares with you in informal  1-1, couple or small class settings. He’s easy to talk to, has a great sense of humour and wants you to know that although you might be struggling right now – sex can and will be fun again.


Sex and Intimacy Coaching in London and online can help with:


  • Resetting your sexual self

  • Setting new sexual goals

  • Connecting emotionally for better sex

  • Being in your body

  • General sexual confidence

  • Sex addictions - to types of sex, porn etc.

  • Navigating BDSM safely

  • Issues or concern about your gender identity

  • Issues or concern around your sexual orientation

  • Healing old trauma

  • General sex problems (coming too quickly/erection problems/dryness etc.)

  • Relationship struggles

  • Connecting with your own body using:

    • Visualisation exercises

    • Stress management techniques

    • Mindful practices


For Sex Coaching Matt Works with:

  • Adults over 21

  • Couples

  • Polyamorous partners

  • Groups

  • Organisations (please enquire)


Everyone is welcome:

  • Gay

  • Straight

  • Bisexual

  • Neutral

  • Questioning


  • Male

  • Female

  • Transgendered

  • Intersex

  • Genderqueer/neutral

  • Unsure


Sex coaching in London takes place at Harley Street or The Gestalt Centre in Kings Cross St Pancras. NB all sessions are currently online during COVID. Please call 07716 232 865 to make your appointment or book online on the Fees page.


Transformation and change can be swift depending on which service you require, and your personal choice on how fast you want to work. Often, one session is enough.

Matt works with:

Gay - Bi


Male - Female - Trans

Intersex - you!


NB: Please see the  Home page for more information on The London Sex Coach.

Counselling for sex issues


Disclaimer - often individuals and couples approach a sex expert to 'fix' something in their sex lives and relationships. Whilst this may be simple, straightforward and possible: this is sometimes, in fact quite often, a symptom of something else. Matt reserves the right to address these possible issues, and not to explore what he may feel is simply a distraction. Please see FAQ's for a deeper dive or if you're ready, make your appointment.

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