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Matt Valentine-Chase

Disabled Friendly Sex Coach UK
Gay Affirmative Therapy Manchester and London

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Matt Valentine-Chase Sex Coach

Matt Valentine-Chase is a qualified counsellor and therapist who coaches on better sex, improved sexual pleasure and confidence, more intimacy, general sexual development and support for sex problems. He works with a range of sex-related and non sex-related issues. He's a therapist with a difference and has a great sense of humour. The sex coaching Matt provides is non-touch.


Matt's qualifications include: Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in Counselling, Practitioner Certificate in Time Line Therapy, Levels 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Master) in the USUI System of Natural Healing, Diploma in Health and Community Care, Certificate in Health and Community Care, Certificate in Substance Misuse Awareness Studies and the Preliminary Certificate in Social Care (Level 3 CCETSW). Matt has also attended in-house training in safeguarding vulnerable adults and equality in social care settings.

He has extensive experience as a counsellor-therapist and counselling co-ordinator, including crisis management for many large organisations both Statutory (NHS) and non (Voluntary Organisations). Matt has a breadth of experience with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. He is what is often called an empath, a natural healer from birth, which is a big part of his work. He is approachable and his humour is often like a breath of fresh air.

Matt also has lived experiences that can enhance and support your working relationship with him. Some he can disclose publicly, such as being a young carer to his disabled mum, growing up in an environment with alcoholism in the family, and experiencing poverty both as a child and adult. Other lived experiences, may be shared as you work with him, if it is appropriate. Matt believes that skilled self-disclosure in the therapeutic relationship can be both important and vital for effective progress.


Coaching and Counselling for Sex Workers


Matt offers coaching to those who work in the sex and adult industry. He believes that sex workers are marginalised and is happy to support professional sex workers who want to expand their business, receive non-judgmental coaching and therapy and general help and advice for sex workers including safer sexwork. Matt has lots of experience plus professional training as above and is a former researcher for the Beyond the Gaze research project at the University of Leicester* - the biggest UK study into the online sex industry, working practices and regulation.

(*Please note this is not an endorsement, mentioned to give you an idea of Matt's experience and background).

Matt offers an outreach service for on-premises sex workers where he can see you at your place of business and/or offer training and development to professional sex workers on-site. Please enquire for yourself or your workers.​


About His Client Group - General Therapy and Sex Coaching


Matt welcomes everyone and has particular skill at working with people with bodies of difference and those wishing to work with a therapist who is heart-centred. Due to the specific nature of his work Matt can only accept those aged 18 or over in his private practice for counselling and those over the age of 21 for coaching. He is deeply empathic so can connect with you very quickly.


He sees couples, singles, small groups, those in polyamorous relationships and he works with organisations offering training on better sex and continuing professional development. Matt works with: those who identify as male, female, trans, genderqueer, gender neutral and intersex. He welcomes people who are gay, straight, bisexual and anywhere in-between. As a fully trained therapist, Matt also works with non-sex issues such as anxiety and depression.

Where He Works


Most London counselling and coaching sessions take place at The Gestalt Centre in King's Cross. Currently many therapy sessions are online via Skype, FaceTime and over the phone. Matt also works in Cheshire. For details of his Cheshire practice please visit: For all enquiries please call or email.

Ready to book? You can now book online - here.

safety and privacy for sex workers download document beyond the gaze

Training and Consultancy


Matt works with organisations, individual practitioners and groups to offer training and consultancy on: self-care, better work-life balance, sex and intimacy, working with sex (for therapists and practitioners), making your practice sex worker friendly, being HandiAble friendly in your work (for practitioners), including sexual expression in your care policies and practice (for social care staff, NHS etc.) and more.


Matt works in an accessible, grounded way that is sex-positive with the professional boundaries you would expect. He is a heart-centred and warm practitioner. Do feel free to get in touch with your therapy, coaching or training requirements.



As part of Matt's work for the Beyond the Gaze three year research project into the online sex industry, he co-wrote Safety and Privacy for Online Sex Workers.


This download document is based upon the research - the largest UK study to date - and was written by researchers, project staff and former and current sex workers. You can download yours for free, by clicking on the image.

For more information on Beyond the Gaze, please visit: where you will find other resources including safety tips, research findings, publications, briefings and media.

Click the image  to download.


The Safety and Privacy for Online Sex Workers document is also hosted by National Ugly Mugs, a sex work safety charity Matt has also worked for in the past. You need to be a NUM member to access this and their other safety resources. Please see the Counselling for Sex Workers page for details.

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