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Sex work, stigma and whorephobia

Matt's article is featured in the Wellcome Collection: 'Therapist and sex coach Matt Valentine-Chase explores how shame and stigma negatively affect sex workers’ access to medical and mental health help. The time has come, he argues, for understanding, compassion and openness'..... 'This is stigma against sex work, or “whorephobia” in action, and it is the opposite of what is needed to support sex workers effectively. Sex-work stigma is often discussed in research and by practitioners, both within and outside the sex-work community, and has been identified as the leading cause of mental health problems for sex workers.' read more on the Wellcome Collection website (opens in a new window).

Sex and COVID - A Safer Sex Tip - Huffington Post

Along with other experts in the sex field, and organisations for safer sex and HIV, Matt chatted to Huff Post about safer sex during COVID.


Glory holes, taking temps, and rimming....


Full article here: Huffington Post (open in new window).

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Screenshot_2020-10-04 (1) Matt Valentine

We're on Find a Therapy Inclusive Therapy and Healing Listing Site

We are pleased to announce that we are now proudly listed on Find a Therapy. Find a Therapy is an inclusive, diverse listings site that not only lists therapists and healers globally, they are jam packed with articles, self-help tips and more. You can find Matt's profile here:

Matt Is Invited Onto The North East Sex Work Forum List of Providers

It is rare that fee-charging therapy services are invited to join organizations or listing sites that provide details of helping services for sex workers. Although this can be frustrating (as some sex workers much prefer to see a private therapist) It is completely understandable - because most of these are charities and as such cannot be seen to promote private businesses. Another problem with listing private therapists is that many therapists say they are sex work friendly, when perhaps they may not be.

To ascertain who is sex work competent and sex work/adult industry friendly would obviously take time and resources, many orgs just don't have these. So we are very moved by the invitation to include Sex Coaching London's sex work and adult industry specialised therapy on the NESWF. The link is here:  NESWF Support Services for Sex Workers.  Thank you so much to the team there, you are doing a GREAT job! xx

New Article Blog Coming Soon! (June/July 2023)

Matt writes lots of articles and has a column in ASN Lifestyle Magazine - soon some of these will appear here, along with a collection of sex work articles, kink tips, mental health articles and much more. Stay tuned.

New Sex Work Positive Apparel

Matt is very happy to open his line of sex work positive clothing and accessories. The sex work positive / ally store is below:

Redbubble Store:

Matt's also got some arty goodies here:


Spreadshirt tees, hoodies and law of attraction home wear (his fave designs are here!):
Sex Work Activism Gym Wear - Water Bottle
Sex Work Is Work Activsm Tote bag
Femae Sex Worker Ally Tee Clothing MVC Designs
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Sex Work Stationary Mat Valentine-Chase Store
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Out Now

A Little Off The Beaten Track...

Dark Wisdom is Matt's latest creative works. A collection of short stories to inspire. Click the button to order yours!

Safety and Privacy Information for Sex Workers - Old News...

... but still useful... you will see this document (details below) on a coupe of pages on this site). Beyond the Gaze was a three year research project, Matt was a research assistant on the project at the University of Leicester. As a part of the project we collaborated with sex work professionals, researchers, sex work project workers and other practitioners related to sex work. We produced a safety and privacy document for online sex workers. Active and recently retired sex workers have been at the core of this safety information.

It is available on this website for download (free).

Beyond the Gaze - Launch Event and Conference 2018


We were very excited to announce the launch event of the comprehensive findings from the Beyond the Gaze (BtG) participatory action research project on the 23rd January, the largest study to date of UK internet based sex work in the UK. The project carried out by researchers at the Universities of Leicester and Strathclyde has been looking at how online and digital technology has impacted on the sex industry and on the working conditions, safety and regulation of internet based sex work in the UK (from the BtG website). Matt was one of the research team at BtG and was deeply honoured to be a part of this three year study now in its third year (we're almost done).

The event was of interest to practitioners in a range of fields for example health, human rights, social care, sex work outreach and support projects and police departments. Speaking at the event was Matt Valentine-Chase alongside experts from the BtG project, the sex industry, sexwork projects and many more. Matt also delivered a workshop on self care in the industry, stigma and how to manage duel roles (alongside an expert researcher into duality in the industry).


The wide range of presentations and workshops all related to internet based sex work, were presented not only by the research team but a wide range of speakers. These included:

Professor Teela Sanders (Principal Investigator, University of Leicester)

Professor Jane Scoular – (Lead Investigator BtG Uni of Strathclyde)

Matt Valentine-Chase (Researcher BtG, Leicester University)

Dr Rosie Campbell (Researcher BtG, University of Leicester)

Kathleen Hill (Researcher BtG, University of Leicester)

Stewart Cunningham (Researcher BtG, University of Strathclyde)

Dr Jane Pitcher (Researcher BtG, University of Strathclyde)
Laura Lee – sex worker rights campaigner.
Charlotte Rose – sex worker, sexual trainer & campaigner.
Representative from SAAFE website and forum
Representatives from Sex Workers Opera

Date: The event took place on 23rd January 2018.

At: Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre, 25 Aytoun Street Manchester, M1 3AE.

The conference enjoyed positive media coverage with many of the findings being reported in both local and national media outlets. For more information on the Beyond the Gaze project and where we go from here (we are currently producing safety information based on the research findings for sex workers and sex work friendly practitioners) please click the link. Pictured: researchers and presenters at the conference and training materials.

Beyond the Gaze Launch Event 2018
Annual SHADA Meeting - Speaker


SHADA (Sexual Health and Disability Alliance) holds its annual meeting in Angel - London this November 14th 2017. This year Matt will be presenting from 1.50pm on 'Being Present for Better Sex'. Matt is a Trustee for The Outsiders Trust, the governing Trust of SHADA. As a sex coach and therapist, Matt will be talking about what being present means, how it affects our sex and intimacy lives and what we can do to improve on this. The speech will be filmed by the film crew of the University of Leicester as part of their Beyond the Gaze research project, for which Matt is a researcher. We are very much looking forward to this annual event where pioneers in sex and disability come together to further their work and network. Pics coming soon! The event is now fully booked.

Sexul Health and Disability Alliance
Outsiders Disability Group
Nights at the Circus - Post Show Discussion Panel


It was an honour to be asked to take part in the post-show discussion panel of Nights at the Circus at the New Diorama Theatre · London on the 1st November 2017, a theatre production with learning-disabled and non learning-disabled artists. A powerful performance exploring sex, violence and sexuality. After the show we took questions and discussed the general themes of the show: sex and disability, what is desire? What are the barriers for both disabled and non disabled people around sex and desire? The stigma around sex and disability and thought provoking discussion around sexuality and intimacy. Thanks to the cast and crew, my fellow panel experts and the venue. As we write, the show is still running in London. Please visit: for tickets and info.

Thank you to Samantha Renke, actress and disability campaigner and Ellie Woods, actress and performer and star of Nights at the Circus for agreeing to appear in the below images. Thank you to Rosie Campbell for the images. Please do not copy.

Would you like Matt to speak at your event? Please contact him to enquire.


This page is being updated (June 2023) please bear with me.


Matt has been featured on BBC Radio, Local BBC, the Wellcome Foundation (see below)  and commercial radio, Huffington Post and more.

Matt is on Belle's Secrets!

Take a look at the home page for more info on Belle's Secrets Talk Show! Matt has a weekly segment called 'The Sex Clinic' and he is chuffed to be a part of the Belle's Secrets fam! From the sex industry to sex and disability, sex tips and even mental health - you can ask him anything,.


Visit the show site to submit your question to Matt, he will answer on the show. You can also send Matt an email and ask your question.

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