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Matt Valentine-Chase The London Sex Coach
Sex Counselling London
Inclusive Sex Counselling London

Sex Counselling London or online with the London Sex Coach Matt Valentine-Chase:



Sex Counselling and Sex Therapy in London or online can  help with:


  • Feelings of frustration

  • Stuckness in your sex life

  • Relationship problems

  • Sexual anxiety

  • Loss of sexual confidence

  • General sex issues or sex problems - premature ejaculation etc.

  • Feelings of loss that affect your sex life

  • Safer sex and safer fetish

  • Questioning or confusion around your sexuality, sexual orientation or gender identification

  • Sex Addiction, porn addictions....

  • ...Sex counselling and therapy are a little different from coaching. Coaching is more direction orientated, whilst counselling and therapy are 'process orientated' which means that it can feel more emotional, especially if you are revisiting old trauma from your past. Matt will discuss this with you before making your appointment.


Matt works with:

  • Adults over 18

  • Couples

  • Poly/more relationships

  • Groups (workshops)

  • Organisations



If you need some support for sex issues to better your sex and relationship life, you can now book online on the Fees page.  Alternatively, call, text or email to request an appointment.


Appointments can take place over the telephone and Skype or FaceTime for your convenience (great if you want help quickly).

If you are confused about which therapy or coaching intervention you need - simply give Matt a call. He will have a quick chat with you. One session is often enough to get you back on track.


Matt very much looks forward to speaking with you.

All sessions currently online.



All Appointments Currently Online

Please Call:

07716 232 865

To Speak To Matt

'You, and the work you do, has changed me and my life completely. Thank you'. Previous Client

Disclaimer - often individuals and couples approach a sex expert to 'fix' something in their sex lives and relationships. Whilst this may be simple, straightforward and possible: this is sometimes, in fact quite often, a symptom of something else. Matt reserves the right to address these possible issues, and not to explore what he may feel is simply a distraction. Please see FAQ's for a deeper dive or if you're ready, make your appointment.

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