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Getting Started In Adult Content Creation

Less is more, like this blog post. If you have already started to think about creating adult content, here I am going to quickly introduce what to do - and not do when you first start out...

Do Not:

  • Put your content on more than two platforms to begin with

  • Start with videos unless you already know how to produce videos

  • Show your face unless you are already out in the business

  • Get lost doing too much research on other creators

  • Do too much content or different types of content.


  • Start with simple sexy pics and learn just one photo editor*

  • Focus on one or two vanilla or fetish themes

  • Have fun

  • Choose one platform that is established, such as OF, JFF, NiteFlirt (for audio)

  • At least start thinking about a personal website.

Don't get me wrong, it's different for everyone, but the main pitfall in adult content creation is burn out. It will take longer by using the less is more approach... but you will have a more solid, focussed and strong brand doing it this way.

If you lose the fun.... it is very hard to sustain growth. So this is why I suggest pics at first to develop your editing skills and to give you confidence, then videos and/or audio.

More in the next post on adult content creation.

*I used snapseed exclusively for the first year! Next I added InShot for pics and Video editing (amazing) and on occasion use random apps and Canva. One editing app is enough to start.

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