Matt has a wealth of experience of working with people with disabilities (people with bodies of difference) and as such sex tips for people with bodies of difference, resources, services and useful links can be found on this page.

Counselling , therapy and coaching here at Matt Valentine-Chase  is for everyone and that includes... you.

We like to be inclusive here on this website, in the therapy and coaching services Matt provides and in who we connect with and support. Whilst being disabled, living with a disability or having a body of difference might be a very important part of your identity, many people Matt works with and presents to at conferences and events agree that having a disability is secondary to being a human being who has the same needs as everyone else. So, whilst it is important to have your specific needs identified and met - we also are very passionate about treating everyone as equals.

Matt has a lot of experience at working with different people with disabilities and those who don't necessarily identify as disabled. He works therapeutically with those who want to understand their bodies more, men, women, trans and intersex clients who want to get the best out of their sex and relationship lives, as well as seeking Matt for general therapy and counselling needs.

Here on this page we present links to articles, disabled-friendly and/or completely inclusive sex-related or general therapy-related organisations, services and practitioners. Did you know that not only are there sex aids and adaptations for disabled people but companies that are genuinely inclusive? They are few right now - but we love the fact that they are on the increase. Below you will find examples of services, supporters, retailers and practitioners who cater for the eclectic needs of disabled and non-disabled people. This page is relatively new, so do keep popping back.

The Outsiders Club

The Outsiders Club offers physically and socially disabled people the chance to gain confidence, make new friends and form relationships. Our members tell us that only other disabled people really understand them so they make the best partners.  We are a place where you and your sexuality will be accepted and all your personal problems can be addressed, so your  self image and whole life  will improve. Outsiders is unique in the world and treasured by our members.

Membership is free but we welcome donations from those who gain from our services. We are run by volunteers on a shoestring with very little funding. We encourage members to support each other you can phone our dedicated helpline any weekday from 11-5pm (see website for details).

Outsiders was designed as a stepping stone, but many members love being part of our club, and stay members for ever. They find it enriches their lives.

For more information visit the website:

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SHADA UK and SHADA International

SHADA was formed in 2005 by the Outsiders Trust to bring together professionals who work with disabled people and may be struggling to support them in their sexual expression. We share our work and empower each other to support disabled people in their sex and relationship needs. Our members are very appreciative of our existence. Realizing that we are unique in the world, we launched SHADA International in 2016 to encourage other countries to start local groups and for pioneers to tell the world what they do.

Our bi-annual meetings attract a wide range of health and social care professionals, lawyers, sex workers, enablers, sexual advocates, disabled people and medical personnel. A practitioners group this is a great place to network and share experience, knowledge and vision. Visit the website for further details and for links to SHADA International:

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The Pleasure Garden - Inclusive Sex Shop
Pleasure Garden Disabled Friendly Shop

The Pleasure Garden is an inclusive, female-friendly sex and sexuality shop. Our mission is to create a fully inclusive, sex-positive retail experience. We believe that everyone - regardless of gender, sexuality or disability has a right to a fulfilling sex life and access to the products and information to help them to achieve it. (Text Copyright The Pleasure Garden Do Not Copy).

Matt says: 'The Pleasure Garden is the first fully inclusive, non-intimidating sex and sexuality shop I have found. I have personally met the founders and their commitment and enthusiasm, as well as in-depth knowledge, around sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships are admirable. A real gem of a find'. You can find them here: (adult content) You can also follow them on twitter:


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