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Face-to-face online therapy:


Online sex counselling, sex coaching and general therapy is quick, easy and just as effective via Skype, FaceTime as it is in-person.  Apart from the practical reasons to prefer to have counselling and therapy online (via FaceTime, video Skype or voice-only Skype), lots of people now are enjoying the convenience and often faster way to get the help you need using modern technology.

Matt, The London Sex Coach, is deeply empathic, a natural energy healer and qualified therapist who coaches on sex, relationships, intimacy and general needs and development. Please do take a look around the website for his specialities in sex and intimacy or for general counselling needs such as anxiety and depression please see the General Counselling page.


You can choose a video call or voice-only, whichever you are comfortable with. Matt will assess you first before the actual counselling session (usually during a quick chat over the phone). You might have needs around mindfulness (meditation techniques) and other healing techniques to help you to relax - Matt can help you with these  over the internet just as easily and effectively as face-to-face. Online counselling carries the same professional boundaries and everything you say is kept confidential. Please see the Terms page for further details.

If you don’t have regular internet access don’t worry – you can still have a telephone appointment.

Email support:

See bottom of this page.

Making your Skype, Zoom, telephone or FaceTime appointment:

Simply call, text or email Matt to ask his availability. He will get back to you with possible dates and times.

Paying for your Skype counselling, healing and coaching session:


You can pay by bank transfer. Counselling costs £75 per session. Coaching costs £75 per session. Most appointments will be integrative coaching, counselling and intuitive support.

You will find more information on Terms and Therapy Agreements on the ‘Terms’ page. Everyone welcome. Matt is happy to chat with you first about your online counselling or coaching appointment - this is a great way to experience his personality. Please call to make an initial no obligation appointment.

Matt very much looks forward to working with you and meeting you over the wonder of the internet!

NEW - Email support - If you do not feel like you need a full consultation, Matt now provides email support. You can ask him up to five questions via email. He will respond in around 1000 words, responding to your questions in a clear, concise and as detailed way as possible.

The fee for this is: £35.00 and includes one follow-up clarifier, if you are still unclear after the initial response. Please email Matt in the first instance, with a brief outline. He will then confirm whether this service is appropriate, or if you are better booking a full session.

FaceTime - Skype - Phone

07716 232 865
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