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It's still in the early stages, but Matt is using his skills in content creation (he's still learning!) to produce audio, video, written word, spoken word, training packages and more. You can benefit from his skills for a fraction of the cost compared to his hourly fee. So if you don't need a 1-1 therapy session, or you can't quite afford it yet, this may support you. The Patreon channel is diverse. It contains comedy, experimental stuff, vlogs, podcasts, sex tips (coming soon), healing, meditation and social inclusion projects.

Matt uses the funds from the channel to finance future projects that he is working on - such as a video on the stigma around sex, sex work exclusion, the business side of porn, and a stage play. There's so much in the pipeline - get involved!

Examples below with a link to a free meditation. Enjoy...

MVCOTW is an idea Matt had when he was studying media. A podcast with a slant towards the positive, quirky and fun. Positive news is the first ideas out of the gate. Stay tuned. Free link here:

Positive News on Patreon


Matt loves to teach meditation 'for those who don't meditate'. So he's made a quick, easy to follow audio that guides you through a sitting meditation. Stay tuned. Free link here:

Guided Meditation on Patreon

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