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Welcome to the website and welcome to a different way of helping. One session is often enough to get you back on track. This is a time when we need to do things differently. More people than ever are feeling confused, lost and disconnected. This will affect all areas of our lives, including our sex and relationship lives.


Matt, the London sex coach, is an award winning sex positive practitioner who works differently. He does give advice, he doesn't robotically head-nod like some 'traditional' counsellors - and he has a great sense of humour. When you're struggling, working with someone who skilfully lightens the moment for you - can be a breath of fresh air. He has a quick video intro for you, at the bottom of this page, but before that take a look at how he works...


He works online offering professional therapy for sex problems, sex issues, sexual development, porn addictions, kink positivity, sex worker inclusion and more.

You may be experiencing:

  • Sex addictions - to porn, certain types of sex, too much sex etc.

  • Intimacy issues - struggling to commit, feeling disconnected from your partner or casual encounters

  • Erection problems

  • Coming too quickly or taking a long time to come

  • Dryness, emotionally-based vaginal tightness/spasm

  • Stuckness in the bedroom (or wherever you're having sex) 'same old same old' routine

  • Feeling under pressure to do certain types of sex - anal, BDSM, chems etc.

  • Feeling stereotyped to have the 'right sex' according to other's view of your sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Safer sex generally and safer fetish

  • or anything sex related that you need to speak to a professional about.


Matt Valentine-Chase is a 'sexpert' who many trust with sex counselling issues in London and online. He works in an original way, from the heart and has 19  years of experience.


Please see About Matt Valentine-Chase for details of his background, experience and therapy training.

Maybe you want to see a sex counsellor who is experienced at supporting people to also look at underlying issues that may be affecting your sex and relationship life. You may have experienced:

  • Trauma in the past or recently

  • Relationship abuse

  • Relationship loss

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Stress

  • PTSD or shock that affects sex

  • Confusion - around your sexual orientation or gender identity

  • anything that may or may not have affected your sex and relationship life.

Not all clients resonate with the traditional therapy/coaching approach, so whilst Matt is trained in general therapy, specialising in sex and relationship needs, he is deeply empathic, with a natural healing ability. He has been trained - both formally and experientially - in healing modalities for 25 years. This means that he can tune in to you very quickly and assist you on your next sex, relationship, or personal development goal.

Where he works: Matt offers sex coaching, therapy for sex problems and addictions in Kings Cross, near St Pancras station (when seeing face-to-face clients) for non-touch sex coaching.

These days all appointments are online. This is a great way to get the help you need fast.

Matt Valentine-Chase is disability inclusive, sex positive, kink positive and sex worker friendly.

New for 2021 - Email support! Email Matt for details or visit the online therapy page.

Fees - see Prices and How to Book for details.

Please scroll down for more info on The London Sex Coach and what he can do for you.

What is Non-Touch Sex Coaching?

What Matt does is to gently, often very quickly, bring your awareness right back to the most important place it should be for better sex – you. Your fullest attention needs to be inside your body. Matt wants you to really feel the body in which you reside, experience the breath, the rise and fall of your chest, the pumping of your heart. This is sometimes called 'mindfulness' and is an unusual, yet effective, way to increase sexual sensitivity and connection with your sexual self. Because this method is non-touch, it can be done online.

This method, some of which Matt has devised himself through experience, has incredible positive effects on your entire body... it increases what Matt calls body awareness and also begins to bring to your attention what it feels like to be present. Matt can also offer practical advice on what to do, where to put it and so on. It's a wholistic way to get the sex you need.

What is Non-Touch Sex Counselling?

Non-touch Sex Coaching is more direction orientated, goal focussed and practical, counselling is where you benefit from Matt's therapy training. This means that you may prefer a slower process for your sex or relationship issues. It also means that Matt's therapy training can help you to identify possible underlying, emotional or psychological, blockages or challenges that are currently getting in the way of your sexual pleasure. The two can be combined and often are.


Online Sex Worker Therapy...

Matt is sex work affirmative, pro decrim and a passionate advocate for sex workers. Therapists are notorious for being sex worker exclusionary and for 'pathologizing' the sex worker's job: meaning that the therapist (and therapy) assumes that the job is inherently dangerous, that the worker has been 'forced' into it and that there must have been something that 'went wrong' in the workers' life to 'make them' work in the industry. Matt believes that sex work and sex workers are stigmatised - and that sex work is a job, like anything else. Some workers enjoy their job, some don't. Matt offers non-judgemental therapy for all sex workers. More info here: Counselling for Sex Workers.

Disclaimer - often individuals and couples approach a sex expert to 'fix' something in their sex lives and relationships. Whilst this may be simple, straightforward and possible: this is sometimes, in fact quite often, a symptom of something else. Matt reserves the right to address these possible issues, and not to explore what he may feel is simply a distraction. Please see FAQ's for a deeper dive.

Quick Links:

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All treatments available online and cost £75.00 per session (online fee only). London fee is £130.00 per session.

For general therapy you may like to visit the sister therapy practice - details below.


COVID Update September 2021

All consultations are currently online by: FaceTime, Skype, Zoom. Telephone appointments are also welcome.


It will likely be 2022 when Matt is again offering face-to-face appointments. He will work from the Gestalt Centre in London Kings Cross, near St Pancras station. Non-touch sex counselling, coaching, therapy. This can help you to explore your sexual development needs with a professional qualified in general therapy who specialises in sex issues. This can also explore issues that may be associated, such as anxiety, depression, midlife questioning, stress management and more.

For Matt's general therapy practice, please visit his sister website: THERAPYINCHESHIRE™.



Most clients need just ONE session to feel closer to the real them. Please call Matt to see if his way of working suits you. You may be surprised at how quickly you feel more positive, lighter - you.

Matt Valentine-Chase Sex Coach

The London Sex Coach


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It's great to have you here! Welcome to the site, please take a look at this short intro video and I very much look forward to meeting you. BIG hug! Matt :-)